The names of the people who inspire me rhyme!

Janette (Colantonio) and Annette (Miller). See I told you they rhyme.

Annette Miller (pictured below) never cared much about her weight until her sister’s kidney’s failed. She had always been denied certain privileges and told what she couldn’t do because of her weight but not being able to help her sister was the final straw. She lost more than 100lbs and she is now a marathon runner and triathlete. She is a walking success story and one of my newest motivators!

Similar to her, I often have issues in certain areas:

I have to check stools and seats to make sure they won’t collapse under my weight (I actually broke a dining room chair before.)

I have broken or moved slats on a bed before.

I have to see if I can fit in booths at restaurants.

I can no longer ride amusement park rides.

I would have to buy two tickets for some airplanes (Yes this is a fact.)

Some peoples seat belts won’t go around me in cars.

This is not me talking about myself! I love myself exactly the way I am because God has delivered me from the fear of the thoughts of other people! I’m just being transparent so that when I start crossing these things off the list in about a year and a half I will be able to sing the Mary Mary remake, with my raspy voice, “Come too far from where I started from….”

Click here to listen to that song:

Well that’s it! If you would like to know more about my new “mentor that has no idea who I am….”

Read more of her story here!

Annette Miller has mislaid some-more than 185 pounds given she started her weight detriment journey.

And if you don’t remember here is Janette Colantonio and  a link to her story:


If they can do it…. I CAN TOO! See you guys!

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