One of my biggest inspirations!

Her name is Jeanette Colantonio! She’s lost 250+lbs so far! (Same amount I’m going to lose)
She is living proof that it can be done without surgery. simple exercise and eating right makes the difference! She is a beautiful inspiration! Her story excites me! Google her for more! And trust me there is more! But here is an article that gives a lot of info about her:
Jeanette Colantonio’s Story

Well! Off to get my beauty rest! Gotta work out in the morning!
I have ten pound weights and I plan to go on an arm fat rampage!
Then it’s jumping jacks, crunches and the dreaded burpees.
I’m also going to try wall push ups. Real ones aren’t cutting it yet. I tried…. Lord knows I tried.
Well Dassia Rose🌹 loves ❤you! Until next time! 😃

Why am I up so late?


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